Papua Land of Peace - faith based network on West Papua

Through the 'Papua, Land of Peace' initiative Papuan, religious leaders aim to promote in Papua a culture of peace instead of a culture of violence. The Faith-Based Network is founded by faith-based organisations to support these efforts to promote peace, justice and human rights in West Papua.

The religious leaders - Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist, Protestant and Catholic -want to provide a free and just living space for the Papuans. A "Land of Peace" is not merely a geographical area free of violence. It is a social condition, in which the socio-cultural, economic and political problems Papuans face today are resolved without the use of violence. "Peace" encompasses the following elements that should be part of daily reality for all people in Papua: feeling secure; being respected as a human being irrespective of differences; enough food and the fulfilment of other basic needs; a fair and just treatment; recognition as an individual; recognition as an ethnic group; the possibility to live independently and in control of one's own life; being heard and taken into account; and finally, living in harmony with nature.

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